Rue Frontenac, Lac-Mégantic

Before the Derailment on July 6, 2013

On rue Frontenac was aligned a blend of boomtown style historical buildings. Most of them were built in the early 1900s. The post office, a drugstore, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and the grocery store shared the space. Commercial and residential downtown buildings fostered a vibrant living environment. Being the heart of Lac-Mégantic, rue Frontenac would liven up with the seasons changed.

Photo credit: Claude Grenier

Rue Frontenac Today

As incredible as it may seem, in order to see the nature at its best, one must go through downtown first, where four great windows were opened to the Vétérans' Park, the lake and the mountains. Then North-South oriented, it is now turned to the beauty of the world.

Much remains to be done, but the essential is already in place. Soil has been decontaminated, electric wires are buried, fiber optic is under our feet, water distribution and sewer systems are brand new, the street is definitely pedestrian-friendly, lighting is ground-oriented, paying tribute to the starry sky, and trains will soon be out of sight.

All the seeds are sowed. Eventually, rue Frontenac will bloom like a flower in the spring.  We now must invent an original built heritage worthy of the collective legacy we are responsible for, give life to a heart waiting to beat and go home to finally see and live the life.

Photo: Claude Grenier

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