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The Star Walkers Manifest

The Lac-Mégantic’s catastrophe is forcing us to think, get involved and react, before other victims, even entire generations, suffer from global companies’ greed.

We believe that if we elevate our consciousness and take our power back, solidarity, social peace, fair distribution of resources and respect of the environment will all be possible. Our works witness this necessary collective awareness.

Gathered to create

Here in Lac-Mégantic, we, sculptors, members of the Conseil de la sculpture du Québec, have joined minds to create 48 monumental sculptures under the theme of enchantment, dream and stars. Like a salve on a great wound caused by the catastrophe due to the derailment of the convoy and the presence of oil on July 6, 2013, the sculptures will rise in the rebuilt town’s public parks and places, like an outdoor museum path in order to amaze citizens and visitors.

We take this opportunity to demonstrate our common will to define ourselves as matter poets. We are wizards, dreamers, visionaries. We create pieces of art acting on the mind, like a call to harmony and beauty.

We consider that we are not from yesterday, nor today, but from a vast era. Within our genes and our cells remains the whole human history, like a codified memory. Similarly to the man who walked in Lac-Mégantic 12,000 years ago, whom we recently found track of, we wonder before the stars.

Facing our purpose and the immensity, we wish to walk on earth as free beings, as creator beings, and we call for a better awareness, more love and more freedom.

We are aware that we will pass, that other generations will come after us. For them, we are responsible to preserve water, air, wildlife and plants, as well as natural resources.

We are creators, sculptors, artists, matter poets and we open our wishes, freedom and exploration valves to exemplify, in the matter, the wind of enchantment.

We are the Star Walkers!

Welcome to The Star Walkers

I am Martine-Carole Gagnon, sculptor and member of the Conseil de la sculpture du Québec. In 2014, I completed the Marcheur d’étoiles (Star Walker) with a lot of love to bring a sparkle of magic to Lac-Mégantic, like the other sculptors on the path.

A song by Gilbert Bécaud inspired me: La ballade des baladins. You will notice three stones at the bottom; they represent the past, the present, and the future.

The walker moves toward the future, his 47-star lantern illuminating his path.

Materials used are steel, cedar and copper.

Thank you and enjoy your walk!

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