Solidarity Bridge

Agnès Bridge, Inaccessible After July 6, 2013

Starting on July 6, 2013, the Agnès Bridge on rue Frontenac linking both banks of Chaudière River became inaccessible, which forced nearly 11,000 vehicles a day to make a 20 km detour (north toward south).

For an undetermined time (until May 2015), the Agnès Bridge was closed due to hydrocarbon contamination. The solution to this isolation affecting a number of citizens of Lac-Mégantic was to build a new land link crossing Chaudière River close to Centre sportif Mégantic (CSM).

On August 26, 2013, Québec’s Prime Minister Pauline Marois announced financial support primarily intended to rebuild a commercial street and a bridge to extend rue Papineau.

The Solidarité Bridge’s Inauguration

On October 5, 2014, a new important milestone was reached for the Lac-Mégantic downtown reconstruction. The new bridge across the Chaudière River links the new downtown and ensures the two founding neighbourhood’s reunification. The provincial government contributed $4.1 million to build this bridge.

La Petite Séduction in Lac-Mégantic

On October 3, 4 and 5, 2014, the show La Petite Séduction was shooting in Lac-Mégantic. A number of activities were organized, including a large table reuniting 380 people on Promenade Papineau.

Dany Turcotte, Rémy Girard, Guylaine Tremblay, Anne Casabonne, Pénélope McQuade and Vincent Vallières were there, plus residents from towns visited by each one of the special guests of La Petite Séduction (Stanstead, Saint-Prosper, Bromont, Saint-Guillaume and Lac-Brome), as well as Lac-Mégantic citizens.

Before the shooting of the show, the committee in charge of the event had asked guests to send them an inspiring sentence for Lac-Mégantic’s people. On October 4, they were surprised to see their quote engraved on the new bridge linking both sectors of the town, the Solidarité Bridge.

We invite you to discover those inspiring quotes engraved forever in the Lac-Mégantic decor.

Photo: Claude Grenier

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