The Star Walker | Lac‑Mégantic’s Tourist Tour

The Star Walker | Lac-Mégantic’s Tourist Tour

Discover Lac-Mégantic’s main historical and cultural landmarks evolution with our interactive map available through BaladoDiscovery.

With your cell phone, locate and get on-demand multimedia information on various locations and developments that forged the identity of a marked-by-hardship, yet daring town in continuous transformation.


Among other things, this tour offers you the heritage railway station’s exhibition about the events of July 6, 2013, the majestic Sainte-Agnès Church, the outdoor photo exhibition and monumental sculptures.


You can appreciate the tour while being offline with the BaladoDiscovery’s “Preload” option. It will allow you to access the interactive map and multimedia contents on your screen without any 3G Internet connection on the field, while your GPS position tracking remains operational.


The tour can be done on foot, while following the suggested itinerary or not. We recommend you use a car or a bicycle for the last two landmarks since they are distant and separated from the itinerary.


Technical resources – content:
Photos: Claude Grenier, Jérôme Lavallée, L’Écho de Frontenac, Ville de Lac-Mégantic’s records / Videos: Morphart Créations inc. / C'est juste parfait Hubert Lavallée-Bellefleur, Gilles Matte. / Sound tracks: Productions BVS.

Key artists and participants on the screen: 
Voice: Nathalie Michaud and René-Paul Lacombe / Videos: Julie Morin, Armand Vachon, Jean-Paul Turgeon, Yannick Gagné, Monique Lenoir, Janot Gosselin, Jean-François Brisson, Armand Destroismaisons, Jean-François Lacroix, Damien Gillot, Stéphane Lavallée, Jérôme Lavallée, Félix Lavallée, Hubert Lavallée, Gilles Baril, Frédéric Durand, Denis Bolduc, Sonia Cloutier.

Research and content:
Véronique Mercier, Régent Charland, Nicole Blanchet, Jacques Dostie, Paul Dostie, Gilles Matte, Marie-Claude Maillet, Mariette Bédard, Maurice Gareau, André Samson, Nicole Dubé, Marie-Claude Lacombe, Karine Dubé, Maïté Galipeau-Théberge, Fabienne Joly, Mélanie Martin.

Thank you to all those who have help the realisation of the tour.

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The Star Walker | Lac-Mégantic’s Tourist Tour