Heritage Houses

The houses along Séraphin Marion Street were originally private residences but were acquired by the University over the years. At one point they were painted grey to distinguish them as University buildings, and were later restored in the 1990’s.

[Image: Collection 38, PHO-COL-38-2968, Credit: Unknown]


This heritage house has held many different functions, the most recent of which is housing the Alumni Relations office. The building has been named the Alex Trebek Alumni Hall, in honour of the television host Alex Trebek, one of the most notable alumni of the University. Many other notable people have attended uOttawa including former Prime Minister Paul Martin, pianist Angela Hewitt, and singer Roch Voisine, to name a few.

[Image: Collection 38, PHO-NB-38-2574, Credit: Unknown]

First Alumni

Less known that the personalities last mentioned, Thomas Foran (1849-1939), a native of Aylmer, Québec, is no less important to the history of uOttawa. An eminent lawyer in the region, he obtained the first bachelor’s and first master’s degree conferred by the University of Ottawa, in 1872 and 1875 respectively. This house was constructed around 1885 and Thomas Foran was the owner from 1901 until his death. The University acquired the building from the Foran family in 1956.

[Image: Collection 38, PHO-NB-38-2983, Credit: Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec]

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