A New Beginning

Tabaret Hall

Our main administration building and symbol of the University, Tabaret Hall was constructed in several stages (1905-1931) to replace the main building that burned in 1903. Over the years it has housed dormitories for students, a refectory, games rooms, a gymnasium, a chapel and one of its wings has been used to house the Oblate teachers.

[Image: Collection 38, NEG-NB-38A-2-287, Credit: University of Ottawa]

Father Tabaret

Father Joseph-Henri Tabaret, o.m.i, the “builder” of the University of Ottawa, led the institution for over 30 years in the 19th century. Under his leadership, the College became an official University, which is why Tabaret Hall is named after him. In front of the building stands a bronze statue of Father Tabaret, commissioned by the alumni of the University, and erected in 1889.

[Image: Collection 38, PHO-NB-38-2757, Credit : [W. Walker, Montréal]]

A Public University

In order to access subsidies necessary to ensure the University’s development, the Oblates decided to de-denominate the University. In 1965, the University therefore became a public institution. The Oblates, who had directed the university since its foundation, took with them the ecclesiastical faculties and founded Saint Paul University. Interestingly, it was an Oblate who served as Rector of the University until 1984, Father Roger Guindon, o.m.i. His successor, Antoine d'Iorio, was the first lay rector.

[Image: Fonds 6, PHO-NB-6-564, Credit: University of Ottawa]

Historic Site

Given to the University in 1966 by the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board of Ontario, this plaque recognizes the historic value of the University of Ottawa and was unveiled during ceremonies that marked the centennial of the University’s charter. The unveiling took place in the presence of Pauline Vanier, the wife of former Governor General, Georges P. Vanier, as well as the first woman and first lay person to occupy the position of chancellor of the University, the highest position in the University hierarchy.

[Image: Collection 38, PHO-NB-38AH-7-6, Credit: Unknown]

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