Frequently Asked Questions

A. One step is enough! Cell phone in hand, open this guided-tour experience from the link. That’s all! You will find the interactive map and all the content of the circuit on demand, in addition to having access to points of interest around the current experience, seeing your position displayed and being able to rotate the map to help you guide you once there.

A. Use the BaladoDiscovery (or BaladoDécouverte) mobile application available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, which allows you to preload the theme you want on your mobile, then access it offline on site. 

BaladoDiscovery offers everything you need to live concrete and pleasant thematic experiences, at your own pace, in all simplicity. 

One download is enough! 

Access the summary of the guided tour in the app. You can preload all the content or have an access in streaming directly online without preloading it. Perform Preload action where there is stable internet network. The theme will install in the app’s Favorites menu. You can view the content offline and you can delete it later from the same menu. 

Alternative (without installing the application): you can also access the same historical tour on your mobile from the website ( while being on site, provided you have access to a reliable Internet network once there in the field. 

If we compare the website and the application: the visitor will be more likely to have a stable and optimal experience (without worrying about the Internet once there) by using the BaladoDécouverte mobile application which, moreover, offers the walker the opportunity to locate it by GPS in real time on the interactive map in relation to the points of interest to be discovered.

A. Share the link of the web page regarding the topic in question. Only one step will be required for your friend to access it from the shared link. Sharing buttons can be found on the page of each tour appearing on BaladoDiscovery, both for the website and for the application.

If you are a local promoter, you can print and display the theme’s QR code and then offer visitors to scan it on site. There is a QR code available for each theme offered on BaladoDiscovery.

A. Use the BaladoDiscovery (or BaladoDécouverte) mobile app. The option to Track My Location is displayed at the top of the interactive map. You can turn it on or off by selecting the Unfollow button.

A. The application interface and menus are initially displayed in your device’s language (the one configured in your device’s settings). You can change this very simply once the application is open: select the About menu of the application, then choose one of the interface languages ​​(French, English or Spanish). This only changes the language of the interface and its menus. The themes and their content will remain accessible in different languages, in order to allow users to see all the offers available.

A. It is possible to share all the multimedia content of a single point of interest displayed on one of the interactive maps. Each point of interest has its own link (and its own ready-to-scan QR code). These shortcuts ensure that the content of each point of interest is displayed in a single step, regardless of whether the application is installed or not on the visitor’s device. Casually, it is a very popular utility. For each point of interest: The Share this point of interest button gives you several tools for sharing from the website, including a QR code ready to display on the spot. You will find this button at the end of the consultation of each point of interest. A similar sharing option is also available in the app.

A. Invite them to download the BaladoDiscovery app available on Google Play and the Apple Store. If you are around the circuit, just press the compass-shaped button on the mobile application as soon as it opens. Thematic experiences available nearby will be listed. The closest to you appear first in the list. 

It is also possible to offer him the access link in one step (directly opening the featured theme on the website). Note that the website does not allow you to preload a theme and access it without Internet, an option offered by the BaladoDiscovery App.

A. Yes. The main points of interest, as well as points of interest from various themes in the vicinity, can be displayed and consulted on demand on the same interactive map online by selecting See around on the website.

Off-tour points of interest are presented in such a way that they are secondary to the current experience, the latter being displayed in a lighter color on the map. The name of the proposing organization will also be displayed at the end of the presentation of each point of interest in order to avoid any confusion concerning the source of the secondary content to the current experience.

A. The internet network bandwidth is poor in your location OR your device is no longer supported (too old for the app) OR your device does not have enough storage space OR the theme to download is excessively heavy (this last reason being unlikely, considering that the vast majority of themes weigh less than 150 MB on BaladoDiscovery).

A. Our business plan has been designed accordingly. The sustainability of the network is made possible thanks to our hundreds of regional partners, whom we thank. Our platform is self-financing thanks to these valuable partners, without any government assistance since 2011, with the exception of a start-up grant. This was awarded in the context of an assistance program for the development of innovative digital platforms from the Canadian Interactive Fund (Canadian Heritage – Government of Canada), when creating the first prototype of its kind on the market: offering multiple guided tours from several regions on the same mobile application, allowing each creator to manage the content in total autonomy and allowing visitors to access it in the field, anywhere, even without Internet. 

BaladoDiscovery has continued to improve its platform over time. The creators and regional partners are also better advised today than when we started, in order to offer visitors captivating moments to experience on site, considering that it is the experience that counts.

A. Access the Creation menu, which will allow you to manage your content from A to Z, in addition to allowing you to create an original itinerary that will be part of the experience offered to the visitor. Choose one of the three packages offered: Museum (new on the platform), Commercial (the choice of 99% of experience creators) or Institutional (our philanthropic component which aims to offer creative autonomy to tourism students).

Once registered, briefly summarize your project in a sentence or two (by selecting New circuit from your private online session). A follow-up is offered to holders of Museum and Commercial packages thereafter. We will contact you and a personalized quote will follow, taking into account your specific project.

Please note that the third plan option (the one called Institutional) does not allow you to broadcast content publicly. This package is essentially intended to allow tourism students to use the content manager to simulate a visit that will remain private. In this case, only the teacher and the student will be able to view the preview in the content manager from a password.

A. Everything is managed and modified by you in total autonomy from BaladoDiscovery’s autonomous management module. Even better: A little personalized training is automatically offered from the start for each content creator, including technical and creative advice adapted to each project (for all partners with a Museum or Commercial package).

A follow-up is also possible later over time. Improvements can even be made at no additional cost. A creator help PDF is automatically offered, in addition to our personalized advice, specific to your project.

A. The quality and completeness of every visitor experience is at the heart of our concerns. It would be regrettable and uninteresting to offer them to live a BaladoDiscovery experience without ensuring that it is optimized and fully offered in complete clarity. The walker remains free to consult the content he wants, in whole or in part, in the order he wants, as he wants… although it is often more pleasant to live an experience in the order rather only out of order. Take the opportunity to offer a suggested itinerary to the visitor who goes there, which itinerary will keep him in suspense and will take him off the beaten track! It can even become an essential asset of the unique experience you want him to live… Valuable advice is offered to content creators by our experienced staff, concerned about the quality of the visitor experience.

In addition, it is good to know that one of the utilities available to the participant will allow him to see and consult points of interest secondary to your offer, on the same interactive map, but without them being so clearly marked in value than the points of interest of the integral experience that you offer. 

A clearly defined experience with a maximum total duration of 90 minutes is generally more likely to encourage visitors to engage with a theme and explore it in full. For example: the local promotion of a unique guided tour, which is downloaded in a single step (from a single link), will be all the more convincing if it is clearly presented within a radius of 5 km nearby of the theme (see the Logo and marketing menu for examples of posters). This is without mentioning the natural interest aroused by a unifying theme with the natural audience of the BaladoDiscovery network, an audience that is particularly on the lookout for new things and often ready to travel to live beautiful immersive experiences on the ground. Off-road points of interest located around may be displayed in a lighter color if the See Around Interactive Map utility is activated on the website. 

These points of interest are secondary to the current experience, but it is possible to consult them on demand by selecting them.

A. Yes. We offer two discovery options for creators of museum experiences. Here they are :

  • BaladoDiscovery will display your museum experience in its catalog among all the other themes offered: we will highlight it, we will provide driving directions to get there and we will present a summary of the visit offered (photo, title and summary included), BUT without allowing visitors to access the content of the visit, unless they are on site. All exclusive content will only be accessible to visitors who enter the museum by scanning (scanning) various QR codes installed throughout the discovery of the premises.


  • BaladoDiscovery will not broadcast the availability of the theme in its online catalog (no enhancement), but visitors will be able to access your exclusive content if they are there, using the same process.

A quote specific to your needs will be offered to you on request once you have registered for the Museum package (Creation menu).

Yes. We offer this possibility. The themes of your choice will be grouped into a Network, in addition to remaining accessible individually. Your visitors will be able to access the Network in one simple step, using a hyperlink or a QR displayed on the premises. Write to us to find out more.

A. Themes broadcast in BaladoDiscovery will generally be accepted if they meet these conditions:

  • Points of interest must be assigned to specific locations, such as a fixed object, a mural, a monument, an intriguing vestige, a building, etc. It is from there that each story is supposed to develop.
  • A historical (or scientific) aspect related to what we see on site must be in the foreground, and serve as a pretext to develop your ideas more broadly if necessary.
  • The content must be timeless and of public interest, aiming to ensure the sustainability of the proposal (rare exceptional cases may be accepted).
  • The overall presentation of the experience to be offered to visitors must be clear from the outset.
  • Commercial themes that only aim to sell products are refused (but a commercial theme can be accepted if a particularly interesting story is attributed to the place in the foreground).

The most popular and appreciated themes remain the GPS-guided historical tours lasting a maximum of 90 minutes. They are usually done on foot and allow visitors to live immersive and concrete autonomous experiences, without the hassle.

Discover the available packages by accessing the Creation menu of our website. A follow-up will follow, as well as a personalized quote.

A. We suggest that you offer your group of visitors a hybrid experience: a personalized guided tour by yourself, punctuated by certain audio presentations offered in BaladoDiscovery that you deem relevant. Playing these audio clips in a portable speaker will allow you to have a little break here and there in addition to having more time for you. You will capture the attention of your audience by balancing your presentation with originality.

Your group will enjoy such an experience and, as a guide, you will feel better at the end of your tour.


a) Download the application to your mobile, which allows you to preload all the content of each circuit and access each audio file. You will be able to access content offline (without Internet) during your presentation, anytime and anywhere.  

b) Have a portable speaker, which will be connected to your mobile.  

Courtesy notice 

Whenever you want, we ask that you tell your participants that you are using content from the BaladoDiscovery application, which is free and offers hundreds of self-guided tour experiences, particularly in Canada / all content being moderator filtered and ad-free. They will thank you.