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Try for free our circuit creation module and consult your
thematic privately thereafter.


  • Create an interactive circuit through our management interface, this in total autonomy.
  • Add content (audio, photo, text and / or video).
  • Any tour involving at least two students and a teacher who is not primarily produced
    for the benefit of another organization is accepted.
  • The institutional themes are not moderated and are not transmitted in the mobile application.
    However, they can be viewed privately on the Web from the Management Module previewer.

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Attract visitors and make your area benefit from it!


  • Create an interactive tour that will be available free to users of
    Android tablets and phones, iPhone and iPad.
  • Get an innovative option (preloading tours), allowing users
    to access contents without using Internet on the field.
  • Use a module to creating tour(s) autonomously at a great price!help
  • Highlight your region and / or theme through an original activity.
  • Geolocalize points of interest and add content (audio, photo, text and / or video).
  • Assistance for creation, promotion and other options available on request.

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    Teachers: Your students will love it!

    Introduce your students to history by suggesting them to browse multimedia tours which will make them travel through time and places for free. Whether guided by GPS on the field or in the classroom, you will have an ideal way to raise their interest.

    Attract visitors

    Attract visitors to the most important landmarks of the region. Provide them with practical and relevant information (geolocation, pictures, text, audio or video).

    Create your own interactive tours

    It is quick and easy to create a tour on the BaladoDiscovery platform. Creation consists of five steps (the main information, map and points of interest, option for trail, option for offline viewing and publishing).

    Stimulate regional economic activity!

    Create tours that will stimulate tourism activity in a region. Signing up for a Commercial account allows you to offer tours that will appeal to your target audience. Attract more visitors by offering bonuses, such as discounts in some shops.

    Take your paper tours to another level

    Your tours are on paper maps? Visitors have to go to your place to get the necessary equipment to go through your tour? We offer you the opportunity to push your tour to another level by making it accessible at any time for users of iOS and Android devices!