About our Optimized Website Update

This version 5.0.2 of the BaladoDiscovery website presents its most important update of the last 11 years! It contains more than a hundred improvements in addition to offering the most accessible historical discovery experiences available.  

BaladoDiscovery has thus taken into account suggestions received over time and statistical data specific to the behavior of tens of thousands of users over the past few years. However, the site remains just as uncluttered in the foreground as in the past.  

Practical additions   

In this current section What’s Up, we will talk about various aspects of our platform, but also travel, current trends, practical advice and invitations to specific events.  

The new ergonomics of the site, where the guided tours offered to visitors  to all screen formats, without having to download the application to access a complete circuit with your cell phone, aims to reach the widest possible audience. possible, regardless of the type of smartphone used, as long as an Internet network is available. That said, the mobile application remains a more advantageous solution* than the website with regard to the quality of the experience in the field, making, among other things, visits accessible offline regardless of where you are, smartphone in hand.  

Our new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) menu brings together the right answers to the most frequently asked questions in one place. This addition offers answers to most common questions.    

Creators of museal content  

Content creators have a new package that meets the expectations of museum managers who wish to present private content reserved for their audience once there while benefiting from the visibility of the BaladoDiscovery network, which will provide them with a valuable permanent showcase. This package is the subject of a separate article on What’s Up menu.

The experience that matters

Beyond isolated historical anecdotes, BaladoDécouverte offers concrete visit experiences, taking the form of real guided tours. The platform even promotes it year-round through the largest French-speaking network of self-guided tours in America, its main market (also the largest network of its kind in Canada, all languages included). That’s not to mention the historical tours also available in the United States, France, and a few other countries. Hundreds of regional partners participate in content creation. They also contribute to the promotion of their regional offers. The interface is offered in three languages and some circuits may be presented in other languages.  


In addition to presenting ad-free content, filtered by moderator, BaladoDiscovery offers you the most accessible historical visit experiences that can be found on a large network, available both online and offline, whether using the application , otherwise via its website which adapts to all screen formats. The mobile app is free and the hundreds of experiences it offers in Canada are also available for free!

Overview of new features  

Here are the main technological innovations included in this optimization:

  • Access to the guided tours with your mobile without having installed the application (on the Web, Internet required in this form, otherwise the application allows access to the circuits without Internet if desired).
  • Direct access to each historical point of interest (already possible) and its intuitive sharing now offered in more than one way, independent of the guided tour experience.
  • Map rotation with two fingers for mobiles.
  • The gyroscope (interactive map that rotates and presents the sites corresponding to the direction chosen by the participant, offered with the application).
  • The See Around option for each tour, which allows you to see more points of interest without changing the map (but leaves the current guided tour highlighted and indicates the source of each external point).
  • A trilingual Web interface (addition of Spanish) and the possibility of offering additional languages.
  • Our new Museum package, offering private content on demand on site, combined with permanent public promotion of the museum and its exhibition on BaladoDiscovery.
  • Simplified language change, which allows you to change the language of the circuit and the interface at the same time, in a single step, when available in this other language.
  • Up-to-date, intuitive ergonomics, facilitating simplified access and quick understanding of operation.
  • An animated, refined and inviting design, clearer than ever when opening the Home page of the site.
  • Conveniently located and more inviting shortcuts and sharing links to each point of interest and circuit.
  • A more refined and uncluttered presentation of the circuits listed.
  • Additional search options, both simplified and inviting, placed in key places.
  • The addition of a FAQ, including answers to the most common questions.
  • A new What’s Up menu, where we discuss current topics concerning the BaladoDiscovery platform.
  • A new Logo and promotion section to equip and advise our customers regarding the promotion of their guided tours.
  • Segments of guided tours (points of interest) easier to share independently.
  • A promotion more than ever focused on our solid company history and on the Experience that counts beyond simple anecdotes.
  • A less reserved promotion, which puts more emphasis on BaladoDécouverte: the largest network of guided tours on a mobile app in Canada and the largest network in Canada and largest French-language network of its kind in America.
  • A logo now all white. 
  • The most accessible guided tours on mobile, anytime and anywhere, with or without an app (accessible even without the Internet while you use the app while being on site).

Our users will notice over a hundred other small and big changes that aim to make every discovery experience more accessible, immersive and enjoyable than ever.  

Have a nice experience!

* The users of the application have an advantage compared to those who use the website, the quality of the visit experience being optimized. Think of the gyroscope (automatic rotation of the map while the visit is done on site) as well as the new immersive virtual tours in 360 degrees. Let’s also think about guided tours that can be accessed anywhere, even without the Internet. The BaladoDiscovery application offers superior ergonomics and performance to websites in general. The Web, however, represents an interesting alternative for those who have not downloaded the application.

Author: BaladoDécouverte