George McKay House

53 Principale

Overall view of property

In this picture you can see the wood sidewalks at the front and side of this magnificent house, adorned with some very fine details.


Over the years, this house has retained its authentic character and continues to be well maintained. Notice the widow’s walk on the roof.

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The architectural lines accentuate the verticality of this voluminous two-storey brick and wood Queen Anne Revival house. It features exceptional details, such as its circular porch with columns, a false truss roof and the mix of materials. The asymmetrical construction stands out for the many details attesting to a certain creativity and artistic sense. Notice the wood ornamentation, the Greek temple style balcony on the second floor, and the rooftop platform, also known as the widow’s walk.

George McKay, who had the house built in 1903, only used it for a few years before selling it to Thomas Ritchie, who owned a sawmill with his brother. Located at the corner of Principale and Dalhousie, the property was surrounded by a wood sidewalk. Typical of the period, the backyard had a vegetable garden, chickens, a cow, an orchard, a stable, barns and a shed.

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