Twin Rivers Pulp and Paper Mill

Since 1917

The forestry industry marked the economic upswing in Edmundston. In 1917, the Fraser Company built a pulp mill and, in 1925, another paper mill was built in Madawaska, a neighbouring American town in Maine.

Fraser Companies Limited was a major economic driver in the region in the 20th century. Its history is closely linked to that of the city of Edmundston. Even today, its influence and geographic position remain important.

Photo taken around 1978.

Twin Rivers pipelines

The two border mills are connected by 2 km of large pipes. The Edmundston mill prepares pulp and the Madawaska mill transforms it into paper.

The paper mill changed its name in 2010 to Twin Rivers. The pulp and energy operations of the Edmundston mill are an instrumental part of the East Papers pulp and paper complex.


The two border mills still work in conjunction with each other. A large 45-megawatt biomass cogeneration plant produces electricity that is also sold to New Brunswick Power.

The Canadian mill distributes 100% of its bleached softwood sulphite and bleached ground wood pulp to the Madawaska paper mill for the packaging, label and specialty paper industry.

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