I See You & Fishing on Caché Lake Murals


Depicting a hunter’s view looking out from his jacket, the outdoor scene depicted by artist Paulyne Charron in I See You, offers its viewers a play on perspective.  

Reflecting her abiding love for the beauty of nature, Paulyne’s goal was to illustrate the experience by focusing on his/her perspective – the hunter’s view.

On the Hunt!

West Nipissing is adjacent to, and part of Wildlife Management Unit 41, the most popular hunting location in Ontario.

Access from country roads to the bush is generally easy for outdoor enthusiasts. There is also easy access to a large amount of Crown Land through various logging and access roads, where local resident hunters can hunt anywhere.

It should however be noted that hunting is only allowed on Crown Land or with permission of a landowner. Please note that hunting is only allowed on Crown Land or with permission of a landowner.

A popular passtime

West Nipissing supports healthy bear populations, with excellent food production and climates.  Moose and deer are also found all over the district and are a popular target for both resident and visiting hunters.

Bird migrations in the spring and fall are a major draw to West Nipissing for hunters and birdwatchers. According to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and Nipissing Naturalists, the wetland areas within West Nipissing are ideal for waterfowl of all types: mallards earlier in the season, scaups, goldeneyes, ring necks, and more. 

Duck hunting is practised in several areas throughout West Nipissing and hunting for woodland birds such as the ruffed grouse (partridge) is arguably even more popular. The healthy grouse population is supported by a good mix of berries and hawthorn, and close proximity to agricultural land. 

Fishing on Caché Lake

The two-panel artwork pays homage to the good life. The artists, Flore Dauphinais Côté, Jocelyne Dauphinais Desbiens and Gisele St-Georges, took pictures of the location and stitched an idea together for a representational piece of Caché Lake and its surroundings.  

A largish lake with narrows leading into a smaller bay, Cache Lake is home to many residents and cottagers, including all three artists! 

On the hook

Local and visiting anglers to West Nipssing will find an abundance of lakes that offer great fishing within close proximity. There are an incredible 602 lakes and 179 rivers within 50 km!   

Fish can be caught from shore, boat, and docks within easy walking distance of camps, throughout the year.

Species galore

The youngest of anglers can enjoy bringing in sweet tasting perch or colourful sunfish. Other species include bullheads and catfish, ling, cisco, garpike, herring, lake white fish, yellow perch, speckled, brook, lake and rainbow trout, carp, drum suckers and sheepshead.

The local bass families include rock, white, silver, small and largemouth. And one can’t forget to mention the highly sought after pickerel (or walleye to our American friends) and mighty muskellunge.  

West Nipissing also enjoys an extremely active winter fishery, with Lake Nipissing considered to be the finest ice fishing lake in Ontario by many experienced anglers. Roads and snowmobile trails line the surface of area lakes, with ice huts rentals available from several local lodge and resorts.

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