A work by Manon Pelletier

The work Transfiguration was produced for Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux-Noranda, as part of the Quebec policy of integrating the arts into architecture.

Artist : Manon Pelletier 

Mediums : Digital photography printing on aluminum

Dimensions : 725 cm x 160 cm x 80 cm

Year : 2015

Brief overview

Like a film sequence, the images follow one another with a variation of shots of the movement of a character, actor or spectator. The character wears a mask on his head that reveals an emotion: being transformed or marked by art, creation, discoveries, testifying to a transformation of the being, an emotion in contact with art. 

The work is composed of two elements superimposed and spaced. The character floats in front of the lower part. This one is perforated and underlines the scene. The back upper part is reflective and thus splits the character which is printed on both sides in its upper part. Like a mirror, this part of the work also reflects the changing ambient light and thus creates a movement. During the day, the light and surrounding objects (such as trees) are reflected, changing the color or pattern of the background of the work. By day or by night, the work is a signal that can be seen from a distance, a luminous marker.

Manon Pelletier

For over 20 years, her medium has been painting, accompanied by drawing, photography, image processing and sculpture. Her approach is in continuity with her research at the master's level, whose subject is the application of the notions of pataphysics to the visual arts, notions defined by the French writer Alfred Jarry. In recent years, her research has developed around the theme of monstration, 'monstration' as the action of showing, as an echo of the word monster, as the occultation of all too human expressions. Throughout her career, she has explored different mediums, both traditional and contemporary, intersecting them. She has sought to challenge the issues of painting through fragmentation, assemblage, collage and the combination of various technologies.

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Photo credit : Êve-Caroline Pomerleau 

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