J'ai le droit...

A collective work of students from La Source high school

Artists : Mique Michelle and students from la Source high school

Mediums : Acrylic paint and spray paint

Dimensions : 45 feet x 15 feet

Year : 2022

Photo credit : Louis Jalbert 

Brief overview

In June 2022, muralist Mique Michelle was invited to Rouyn-Noranda to participate in a creative project with 147 students from École la Source. The workshop began with a meeting. This was followed by a debate on the hip-hop movement, graffiti and how this medium can be used to address, raise awareness or denounce important issues such as climate change, racism, gentrification, homophobia and sexism. The students participated in the creative process by evoking the different subjects that are important to them and that inspired the artist to design the mural. 

The final result of this process, entitled 'J'ai le droit...', represents the subjects that the young generation of Rouyn-Noranda wishes to transmit. The green heron and the sandhill crane framed by two cedars represent our roots, growth and the union between Rouyn and Noranda. The bottom of the mural, covered with flowers, plants and berries, symbolizes diversity and also refers to the rich medicinal plants of our forests. ‘I have the right...' 'to my dignity' 'to water' 'to be free' etc. remind us of the values that the students wish to defend.

Values ​​imaged and expressed through art

See the magnificently colored birds up close representing the roots of the city, the values ​​defended by the students and the rich medicinal plants found in the heart of our forests.

Mique Michelle

A franco-Ontarian native to Field, Mique Michelle has traveled a lot. Her nomad life allows her to perfect her talent in graffiti. Thanks to her travels and post-secondary studies, Mique has become an artist adept in mixed media and a visual arts animator. Very involved with the youth, she offers graffiti workshops through which she tackles openingness, sharing, and racism. In other words, Mique demands the abolition of negative perceptions through art and reflection through art.

The students

147 students from La Source high school participated, along with artist Mique Michelle, in creating this mural.

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Presented by : Ville de Rouyn-Noranda

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