A work by Karine Berthiaume

The work Énergies was produced for the City of Rouyn-Noranda by Karine Berthiaume, Valéry Hamelin, Omen and Ariane Ouellet. The work can be found at the Jacques-Laperrière arena.

Artist designer : Karine Berthiaume 

Mediums : Acrylic paint on aluminum panel 

Dimensions : 2000 square feet (65 panels of 4 feet x 8 feet)

Year : 2016

Photo credit : Ariane Ouellet

Brief overview

The work “Energies” is a visual ode to the physical power of Joseph Jacques Hughes Laperrière, alias Lappy. A native of Rouyn-Noranda, who was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1987.

The work can be read as if it were a lifeline or a cycle. On the left, the abstract represents the primary energy, the one available in nature before any transformation. By organizing itself through time, despite adversity, it takes a resolutely tangible direction through the implementation of a building that carries dreams. Here the arena is symbolized by the red triangle oriented to the right.

Thanks to this action, a system of positive forces has been set up in the region. A replica of a topographical map, on which it is possible to see the tributaries flowing towards a larger area, bears witness to these forces.

The face at the center of the work glows. Proud of his accomplishments, he shows a determination, a dynamism and a character that influence the development of our city. From this energy, ready to be transmitted and shared again, comes a collective pride, a new vision, an opening to the world.

- Karine Berthiaume

Karine Berthiaume

Fascinated by the power of the image, Karine Berthiaume has been exploring, for the past ten years, several art forms related to it. After studying graphic design at the Université du Québec à Montréal, she returned to Abitibi-Témiscamingue, her native region, in 2003, where an attachment and a deep-rootedness towards the territory and the nature that surrounds her took shape and oriented her work and her artistic production.

With urban scenographies set up for the Festival de musique émergente since 2010, she discovered the enormous potential of collective creations. Her works have been shown in exhibition centers and Quebec artists centers and are also part of various collections.

Website : kberthiaume.ca


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