Prévost Station

Shawbridge station becomes Prévost station

A multipurpose building

Built in 1898 and named Shawbridge station, it served as a stopover for travelers from Montreal who were “going up north”. 

“The North will be the province’s paradise. People will come from all over to admire the grandiosity of the nature.”
- Curé Labelle

Until 1937, it welcomed tourists by the hundreds, on their pursuit of summer and winter sports.

On the tracks of “Jack Rabbit”

It must be said that skiers were coming for the first chairlift in North America and the Maple Leaf trail tracked by the renowned Norwegian skier Herman Smith-Johannsen, nicknamed “Jack Rabbit”! 

Over the years, the station has been renovated several times in order to fulfill its various mandates. It used to receive travelers and goods transiting between Shawbridge and the metropolis, in addition to packages sent by mail and catalogue orders from large retailers. The stationmaster lived upstairs until the early 1980s. 

A good example of citizen mobilization

In 1985, a group of Prévost residents decided to preserve the station and restore it, thus creating the Comité de la gare de Prévost.

In the early 1990s, when Canadian Pacific removed the rails, cross-country skiers and cyclists took advantage of the footprint left behind by the railroad. It became one of the biggest linear parks in Canada. The Comité de la gare’s volunteers had a lot on their plate! In 1997, they organized a large community undertaking to restore the heritage building, with an investment of over 5,000 hours and $40,000.

In 1998, Shawbridge station started welcoming tourists again. A coveted rest stop for cyclists, walkers, and skiers along the P’tit Train du Nord linear park, it also presents exhibitions that tell the stories of the locals and the place itself, in addition to an annual painting symposium in late July.

Open year-round, daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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