Shaw's bridge

The first bridge to connect both shores of the Rivière du Nord

Shaw’s bridge: how the village got its name

The town's most famous architectural landmark was named after William Shaw who purchased it in 1863. At the time, users paid 5 cents to get across. The original wood bridge was replaced by an iron structure in 1923 when it was purchased by the Town of Shawbridge. 

Explore three sectors

Shaw’s bridge is a historical highlight on one of the Town of Prévost’s three heritage tours covering the municipalities of Shawbridge, Lesage and Prévost, which amalgamated in 1973.

Discover the rich history of heritage buildings on Rue Principale and other unique features of Prévost’s built environment.

A fun and informative tour

Learn how the 1931 invention of Foster’s Folly, North America’s very first chairlift, helped influence and shape the Laurentian ski industry. Tours are also scattered with interesting information, exclusive content, and entertaining tales and anecdotes. Who would have thought, for example, that a power utility could have deceived women by selling them toasters and irons to convince them to get hydro in their homes?

Several remnants of a bygone era

The tour is family-friendly, thanks in part to a kids’ activity guide. Pick up the activity guide and brochure at Prévost train station, 1271 Rue de la Traverse, or download them from our website. There’s also an index and a map with building locations and a host of exclusive content and information.

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