Rolland Papers, paper manufacturing company

Mont-Rolland, a company town since 1918

Two town centres that developed in vastly different ways

Mont-Rolland’s downtown core has developed around this industry while Sainte-Adèle owes its growth to religious, civil and cultural institutions.

The remains of this mythical paper mill, in service from 1904 to 1990, and various public and residential buildings, are reminders of Mont-Rolland’s working-class origins.  

Two tours, one rich history

Rolland Papers, paper manufacturing company is one of the highlights of BaladoDiscovery’s “Mont‑Rolland | Sainte‑Adèle's industrial heritage” Tourism and Heritage Tour.

The “History & Heritage | Sainte‑Adèle des Pays‑d'en‑Haut ” tour, also offered in BaladoDiscovery, lets you get the most from historic sites that pay tribute to events and people that have shaped the municipality since its official creation in 1855. Augustin-Norbert Morin, Doctor Wilfrid Grignon, or Émile Cochand from Switzerland and his family come to mind. You’ll hear fascinating stories, like how in the 1940s, because of its steep gradient, Rue Morin became a ski hill with sand on only one side!

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