Mont-Blanc Station

A jewel in the municipality’s heritage infrastructure

A new purpose for this historic monument

Built in 1893 and expanded in 1911, the station cessed operating in 1960 and resumed service around 1978 for just three years. The railway station was restored in 2003 a few years after Le P'tit train du Nord linear park was created. The building was designated a historical monument in 1986. 

Mont-Blanc train station is one of three key heritage buildings in Mont-Blanc, formerly known as La Repousse. The magnificent heritage church, which dates back to 1894, and the former presbytery, which houses an exhibition centre, are well worth the trip. 

A collective undertaking, an avant-garde project

Parc de la Gare is home to l’Arbre de l’amour (the Tree of Love), a unique community art piece inspired by the padlocks attached to many bridges in Europe and elsewhere. Why not take the occasion to get a message heart at city hall or Marché Tradition Lac-Carré, insert a message, and hang it on the community art piece for eternity? 

Recreation facilities for everyone

The route is also parsed by children’s parks, restaurants, a cycle path and a beach. Not to mention Mont-Blanc near the village centre, with its many summer activities.

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