Nominingue Station

Terminus of the North line for three years

Moved not once, but twice

One of the many train stations to be saved and restored, but the only one to be moved twice. The “decorated cottage” style building constructed from 1903 to 1904 was boarded up and abandoned after the train stopped running in 1981.

To save it from being demolished, it was relocated to Parc Hervé-Desjardins, where it was used as a visitor centre for around fifteen years. In 1997, it returned to its original location, where it was restored and used by volunteers and the municipality. 

A meeting place

To restore its former purpose, that of a meeting place, new spaces were built. A visitor information desk in the former luggage room, an exhibition centre for local artists and artisans in the former waiting room, and a heritage room in the former stationmaster’s office.

It contains a collection of objects dating back to the Canadian Pacific railway era, nearly 2,000 old photos of Nominingue, and copies at affordable prices.

Other ways to visit

Finally, to complete your visit to Nominingue, see the information about the Route-du-Lièvre-Rouge found on the Morris column at the station. 

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The Municipality of Nominingue is a part of the Route du Lièvre Rouge, a tourist tour developed by the Société d’histoire et de généalogie des Hautes-Laurentides. 

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