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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls lies on the border between Canada and the United States. In fact, the border is right in the middle of the Niagara River, which marks the boundary between the two countries.

Niagara Falls, which consists of three separate waterfalls, is divided between the two countries. 

The Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side are the main and most attractive. Those on the American side are American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

The Niagara falls

The falls are among the 500 highest waterfalls in the world. But what sets Niagara Falls apart from its competitors is its unique water flow.

Few key figures

Height of falls: 52 metres

Water flow rate: 168,000 cubic metres per minute

Width of Horseshoe Falls (Canadian section): 670 metres

Water depth below falls: 35 metres

Erosion: Niagara Falls has retreated more than 11,000 metres in 12,500 years, making it the most eroded waterfall in the world!

Falls, the most coveted challenge

Niagara Falls have always fascinated and beckoned the most daring (not to say the 'craziest') to take them on.

As early as the 1800s, the great challenge was to make it down the falls and come out alive. First animals were used as tests, then it was the turn of humans to try their luck, on makeshift rafts or locked in barrels. Few survived.

In 1859, French tightrope walker and acrobat Jean-François Gravelet, nicknamed le Grand Blondin, defied Niagara Falls by crossing it many times on a wire stretched between the banks of the two countries. According to the history books, he also made the crossing with his impresario perched on his back... 

Since 1950, these exploits have been strictly illegal and forbidden on both sides of the border.

Honeymoon at the Falls

Millions of visitors from all over the world come every year to observe this exceptional natural phenomenon. A selfie, a souvenir photo and the falls are finally part of the tourist must-see list of a lifetime.

But did you know that Niagara Falls is also the site of a world-famous ritual initiated by Napoleon Bonaparte the 1st brother, Joseph Bonaparte?

In fact, in 1803, the latter travelled from Louisiana to Niagara Falls with his young bride to spend their honeymoon there. 

Overwhelmed by what they saw, they returned home and praised the falls to their friends and family, who were quick to follow in their footsteps. The tradition was born! 

Zipline Wildplay to the waterfalls

This zipline, exclusive to this site, plunges you to the foot of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls following a 670-metre descent. A beautiful view of the falls, with your feet in the air!

Niagara Parks Power Plant

Discover the history and heritage of this 115-year-old hydroelectric power station, which for over 100 years supplied energy to communities and businesses in the region. 

You'll learn about the power generation mechanisms of yesteryear, and how the designers of that era were not only excellent technicians and inventors, but also visionary innovators.

Take the elevator (included in the price of the regular ticket) and descend 55 metres below ground to reach the 670-meter tunnel that will take you to the lower level of the falls.   

In the evening, take part in the sound and light show at the heart of the power station as part of an interactive experience.

Journey behind the falls

Want to know more about waterfalls? In fact, we think it's a must-see!

Descend 38 metres through the tunnel to the foot of Horseshoe Falls. 

Before you see them, stop and feel the vibrations and energy they produce. Truly impressive!

Table Rock Center

This is a reception building with shops overlooking the falls.

Niagara Fury's

Here you'll discover the history of Niagara Falls through a journey spanning more than 10,000 years, via a 4D multisensory simulation with breathtaking visuals.

Winter Festival of Lights

If you're in Niagara Falls during the winter, don't miss the Winter Festival of Lights. This free festival is ideal for families with children. 

Fireworks at Niagara Falls

Finally, to bring your stay at Niagara Falls to a majestic close, take part in the fireworks display that starts at 10pm every weekend during the summer. 

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Niagara City Cruises is not only the official supplier of Niagara Parks, but also the only company authorized to offer boat tours at the foot of the Falls. 

These excursions, which usually last 20 minutes, are a must, as the falls are so impressive when viewed from below.

No commentary is available in French within the boats, but frankly, there's no need for it. You can, however, download the corresponding app from the App Store, where you'll find a French version of the subject. 

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