Hoover Dam

A Huge Dam

Located at 53km southeast Las Vegas, Hoover Dam is a historic monument, the second biggest dam in the world with 3000 cubic km of concrete, enough to pave a road from New York to San Francisco (5-meter width and 20-cm thick). Hoover Dam spans the Colorado river in Black Canyon between Arizona and Nevada, down Lake Mead.

Once named Boulder Dam, the dam took the name of the 31st president of the nation, Herbert Hoover. In the 1930s, the president saw the need to supply water to the dry lands of the southwest and to also offer electricity to this region. The concrete structure was also built to prevent flooding. 221 meters high and 379 meters long, Hoover Dam is one of the biggest producers of hydroelectric power in the world and a national historic monument. In 1994, the American Society of Civil Engineers acknowledged the dam as one of the seven modern wonders of civil engineering. Before it was built, the Colorado river was flowing freely in the Black Canyon. Today, the region became the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a regular stop for the sailors and the fans of water sports. The water is used to irrigate over 65 000 acres in Southern California and in Arizona, and 400 000 acres in Mexico.

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Things To See

Presentations and exhibits on the operation of the dam are offered at the power point, while guided tours take the visitors to explore less-known places in the dam. All the tours start at Hoover Dam's visitors center, where exhibits of the history of the dam and its various roles take place. The tourists have the opportunity to see, among others, the huge hydroelectric generators, an elegant Art-Deco design in the four towers of the dam, the spillways, and the power plants. Near the Colorado river, fishing, boating, landing crafts, water skiing, swimming and camping are all available for the visitors. In addition, a journey in the crafts takes the tourists on the Colorado River.

To get more information, like the fees and the opening hours, please visit Travel Nevada's website.

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Hoover Dam

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