Seligman was founded in 1886 at the junction of the Prescott railroad at the main road to Santa Fe. It was known under the name of Prescott Junction until it was renamed in memory of Jesse Seligman, a famous banker from New York responsible for the financing and the construction of the railroad and societies. The railroad played a big part in the community of Seligman during the hundred following years allowing the establisment of repair services and the famous Harvey House.

Seligman, the cradle of Route 66, is a small unincorporated town located in the Upland Mountains in northern Arizona, 156 km away from Grand Canyon. In 1987, the state of Arizona dedicated the old Route 66 from Seligman to Kingman as the Historic Route 66 because of the efforts of Seligman's chamber of commerce. This dedication will ensure the preservation of the longest portion of Route 66 that remains in the United States.

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Roadkill Café

Nothing compares to Roadkill Café, offering the best steaks and hamburgers in town, all perfectly cooked, for any traveler going to Arizona. This restaurant, brightened up by an old west atmosphere, presents a museum collection of the local wildlife, a complete bar and a store with Roadkill and Route 66 souvenirs.

502 W. Hwy 66
(928) 422-3554

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