The mine owes its name to a large hackberry, a tree growing near a spring. It was a small community of ranch owners, miners and their families. The railroad arrived in 1882, carrying cattle from the ranches and ore from the silver mine. Hackberry was the site of many gunfires, fights and faro; it was a sort of transitory town. The mining operations stopped in 1919, after having collected 3 million dollars in silver and gold. Back then, Hackberry offered services to its residents like an elementary school, a post office and two brothels. When Route 66 was built, Hackberry somewhat became a tourist town, but today, since the Route 66 is bypassed, so is Hackberry.

The first weekend of May brings a lot of recreation vehicles during the Route 66 Fun Run. Hackberry is one of the official rest stops and hundreds of vintage and modern cars can be seen during this lively weekend.

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Hackberry General Store

A collection of souvenirs is awaiting you. Please read carefully the various maps, books, signs and artefacts related to Historic Route 66, and make sure you sign the guest book. Meet Max, the owners' dog, who appeared in commercials on television and in tv shows in Holland and in Germany.

Hackberry's General Store is a museum of the old Route 66 and is admitted as the main place to find souvenirs of the mother road. Gas is not for sale, but ancient pumps can be found outside.

Take a walk in the vintage snack bar, drink a bottle of Route 66's beer (root beer) and find a special souvenir of your trip. If you live in the United States, the owners will be pleased to deliver it to you if you have no room in your vehicle.

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