Fougères Medieval City
Presented by
Patrimoine de Bretagne

Discover the medieval city of Fougères where the largest fortress in Europe is located. Using the interactive map opening audio content on demand, explore its rich built heritage, its well-preserved medieval quarter, with its alleys and public squares lined with half-timbered houses, its large churches and its beautiful gardens, all surrounding the banks of the Nançon river. An imposing belfry - the oldest in Bretagne - is part of this unforgettable visit. 

The exceptional heritage of Fougères has inspired great authors, including Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo and François René de Chateaubriand. 


The complete visit is done at your own pace assisted by your mobile. Discover 11 unmissable points of interest in the city. The experience includes a suggested route that will take you off the beaten path. Including audio files, photos and texts. 

It is also possible to visit the interior of the castle by going directly to the visitors' entrance, at 83 Place Pierre Symon. 


For a better experience, we suggest that you download the BaladoDiscovery application on your cell phone (iOS / Android) and use the Preload option. You will then be guided and informed in the field without having to be connected to the Internet network during your travels. 

Welcome to the heart of Haute-Bretagne!


MP3 audio files: Cité de Fougères (Fougères Area Tourist Office).
Photos: Gabriel Lapointe, Patricia Simon, Wikipedia, Flickr.
Help in researches: Vincent Chataigner.