Fougeres Medieval City
Presented by
Patrimoine de Bretagne

This virtual guide will make you discover Europe’s biggest fortress: the medieval city of Fougères. Located in Upper Brittany, Fougères has a rich built heritage, a well-preserved medieval district, with narrow little streets and public places surrounded by half-timbered houses, large churches and beautiful gardens, all by the banks of the Le Nançon. Its imposing belfry – the oldest in Brittany – is also part of this self-guided tour’s itinerary.

Fougères and its exceptional heritage inspired numerous great authors, notably Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo, and François René de Chateaubriand.

Discover 11 must-see points of interest in the city and learn more about those with your Smartphone. The complete visit is done with your phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android), even without the Internet in the field (in preload mode). Including: audio files, pictures, and texts.

It is also possible to visit the castle from the inside; the visitors’ entrance is located at 83, Place Pierre Symon.

Enjoy your journey through time!

MP3 audio files: Cité de Fougères (Fougères Area Tourist Office).
Photos: Gabriel Lapointe, Patricia Simon, Wikipedia, Flickr.
Help in researches: Vincent Chataigner.