860 de la Tourelle St.

The sheriff’s house

Drawing of the sheriff’s house

Drawing of the sheriff’s house

The sheriff’s house

This home was built in 1842. After having been the home of the Sheriff of Bedford, David Brown, the latter sold it to Philip Hiram Krans, whose history dates back to the origins of our village.

Philip’s parents, Johannes Krans and Catrina Luke are both children of Loyalists and among the first settlers in Philipsburg. Originally from the State of New York, Johannes (John) was born in 1776 in Rhinebeck in Dutchess County and Catrina was born in 1789 in Albany County in the town of the same name. Johannes was born the same year as the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. He obviously followed his parents when they decided to immigrate to Canada.

Philip Krans, after having lived in the house in the Rue de la Tourelle, sold it to a Julien Brosseau Jr., customs official. The latter then sold it to Philip Krans’ daughter, Harriet, who had separated from her husband, Francis Hubbard, a civil engineer in Ottawa. Harriet quickly resold the land and all the buildings, including the house, to Hugh Symington of St. Armand in 1890 before notary Boyce in Stanbridge.


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