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A rural nineteenth century will

A rural nineteenth century will

This house was built in 1850, probably by Luther Burley, a local “yeoman”. The main body of the building includes a post-supported porch. There were, a few years after the initial construction, on the west side, additions to the building. This extension can be explained by the fact that Luther’s son, Robert, and his wife, also lived and raised their family in this home.

In 1877, Luther, at age 61, made his will. He left his daughter, Emily Ann, wife of Allan Knight, some plots of land in Saint -Armand ... and two cows.

To his son Robert, Luther gave the land and the family estate. So far, nothing noteworthy. Robert was also given access to “a certain fresh water spring which he can use in his own way and in any manner he sees fit". And Robert also inherits a lot where stands a Protestant school and is prohibited to build on the lot for as long as the school remains in use and that it is Protestant. Otherwise, Robert can use the lot as he sees fit.

Robert also receives a small family cemetery and must maintain that and the little path leading to it. He also has the task of building a "substantial stone wall» around the small family burial lot. The dimensions of this wall are precisely described in Luther’s will.

Robert was also handed down… his maternal grandparents.  They became his dependants “throughout the duration of their natural life." The testament emphasizes the obligation for Robert and his wife Jane Krans to treat them with gentleness and kindness. Luther made it an explicit condition of the legacy to his son. The testament further ordered that he should ensure that "everyone under his roof treated the grandparents with gentleness and kindness. »

Luther ordered his heirs to "give liberally to the Church and to not forget the poor or the needy.”

The patriarch wished that even after his death each and everyone in his house continue to heed his authority and values. We can also see that in these days it falls to the family to take care of the elderly and that this sacred obligation is a condition of the inheritance.

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