St. James–the-Less church

St. James-the-Less Church

St. James–the-Less, Episcopal Church

In 1801 there already was an Anglican Episcopal mission in Pigeon Hill. In 1856, the mission was officially erected as a parish. This actual building was the very first church of that parish. Built in 1859, it was consecrated in 1860 by Montreal bishop Francis Fulford. A touristic guide published in 1874 in Montreal, Lovell’s Gazetteer of British North America, mentions it, stating that it is worth a visit and calls it “charming”. It has no electricity or central heating but uses oil lamps for light and wood stoves for heat. Every year a candlelit Christmas service is held here. It is open every first Sunday of the month from May to October.

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A Tour of St. Armand’s historical landmarks

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