The Beaulne Museum

3.1e The Beaulne Museum

This splendid mansion (of Queen Anne Period inspiration) was built in 1912. It was originally named the Norton Mansion and is now a museum.

3.2e The Beaulne Museum

In 1975 it was named after Mme Denise Beaulne (1890-1981) who, as a dedicated volunteer, was largely instrumental in its development as a museum.

3.3e The Beaulne Museum

Nowadays, the Beaulne Museum specializes in exhibitions of textiles and the visual arts.

3.4e Question: The Beaulne Museum

Who resided in this building originally?

3.5e Answer: The Beaulne Museum

Arthur Osmore Norton

3.6e Arthur Osmore Norton

Mr. A.O. Norton is one of the personages on the Pioneer Trail. Inauguration : 15th September 2013. The Pioneer Trail is composed of a collection of significant personages of the region. At each stop, we hear them speak for themselves. The presentations are a stimulating experience the like of which you won’t see anywhere else : Inauguration date: 15th September 2013.
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