Parc Chartier

14.1e Parc Chartier

Parc Chartier (Chartier Park) is named in memory of Father Jean Baptiste Chartier (1832-1917). He was the first  priest of the parish of St. Edmond. As far back as 1882, there was a public market here. As time went on, the area was adapted to the needs of the day.

14.2e Parc Chartier

Fruits and vegetables were sold here up until 1954.

14.3e Question: Parc Chartier

What other piece of historic significance do we find here?

14.4e Answer: Parc Chartier

A monument to honour the Fallen of the 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 Great Wars and the Korean War.

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Bridge Between Town and Country (Coaticook)

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Presented by : La Table de concertation culturelle de la MRC de Coaticook (TCCC)

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