Joseph-Télesphore Fortin

Joseph-Télesphore Fortin

Joseph-Télesphore Fortin (1855-1936), husband of Eugénie Chamberland-Hudon, was born in Baie-Saint-Paul and moved to Beauceville in September 1908. He lived with his family in a house located on 9th Avenue. Upon his arrival, he founded, on the East shore, the ""L’Éclaireur"" newspaper and printing company located up until 1968 at the corner of the current 107th Street and 9th Avenue .

Source: L'Éclaireur-Progrès, November 1998, p.5


This newspaper's first edition was published on October 1st 1908; an annual subscription cost a dollar. Beauceville soon earned the title of printing city in Beauce, and the most important business of this kind in rural Quebec.

Source: Archives from the Beauceville Cultural and Heritage Committee

Joseph-Édouard Fortin

The founder's son, Joseph-Edouard Fortin, lawyer, was the first editor of the newspaper from 1908 to 1937, mayor of Beauceville from 1922 to 1924, MPP of Beauce from 1929 to 1935 and registrar for the Beauce area from 1935 to 1949. The Beauceville bridge, built in 1935 and torn down in 1980, was named after him.

Source: Archives from the Beauceville Cultural and Heritage Committee


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