Town Hall

Political service

Mural by Karen Blanchet

Citizens of Legal have served at various levels of government. The names of all the former mayors are written on the scroll. Above them are the portraits of Dave Broda, Theodore St. Arnaud, and Lionel Tellier, who have all served as MLAs.

Lavoie Case

Mural by Jacques Martel

In 1941, the federal government ordered a national census. Alexandre, his wife Mary, and their four children could not find bilingual forms in time to fill in the census. The federal government fined the Lavoies $7,700, which is the equivalent of $100,000 today, for late filing. He was appalled by the lack of consideration and challenged the fines in court. After a second appeal, with Lionel Tellier as his lawyer, the judge acquitted the Lavoie family and federal census forms have since become bilingual.

Skateboard ensemble

Mural by Natalya Bukhanova

On the North side, we see the Union Jack with a young person skateboarding towards the middle. On the South side, there is a youth skateboarding on top of the Quebec flag towards the middle. The skateboarders meet in the center above the Canadian flag. The mural symbolizes the two European founding nations coming together to form our country.

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Murals of Legal

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