School and Arena

de Champlain

Mural by Jacques Martel

The mural depicts the family of Joseph and Marie-Anne de Champlain at suppertime during the yearly harvest. It became tradition to stop threshing and gather in the field for supper with the whole family. The de Champlain family was inspired by their ancestors’ love of the land.  The descendants still operate around 11,000 acres (roughly 4,600 hectares) in the Legal area as of 2013.

Knights of Columbus

Mural by Karen Blanchet

The Knights of Columbus have four pillars: patriotism, fraternity, charity, and service.  Over the years, they have contributed to community activities, funded activities for the youth, and affirmed the value of life.  This was the first mural in Legal painted on canvas material.

Legal School

Mural by Marc and Daniel Michaud

This mural depicts the highlights of individuals in the development of schools in Legal. In 1915, Legal received the approval for the construction of a new school. The two sisters painted in white distinguishes them from those who were alive during the painting of the mural. The two women near the top taught for more than 30 years, while the men near the bottom were both principals for more than 13 years. 

Abbot Primeau

Mural by Tim Heimdal

This mural depicts the work of abot Georges-Henri Primeau in Legal. The abbot Primeau was born leader: he could organise various activites withtout many resourcse available. He had a natural ease to organise baseball and hockey teams and weaving classes. He was the driving force for the Citadel Park. He initiated the « Fête au village » of Legal. From 1958 to 1966, he was the priest of the Legal church.

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