Shefford room


Artist : Ramón Morales Rossi
Country : Venezuela
Year of creation : 1998
Description :

Equilibrium between the new and our roots’ memory.

Prometeo – Ehécatl

Artist : Migüel Hernandez Urban
Country : Mexico
Year of creation : 1997
Description :

Greek fire god and Nahuatl wind god are two elements that, united with water and earth, enable humans to live fully.

The four elements are represented by human figures with simplified forms.

These have an allegro dance movement.

The figures on the upper part represent imagination’s take-off, knowledge and the inexplicable’s magic.

The arch of the difference

Artist : Anthony Fage
Country : Costa Rica
Year of creation : 1998
Description :

Our differences blend into harmony.

Coatl-Meztli (Snake moon)

Artist : Jorge de Santiago
Country : Mexico
Year of creation : 2015
Materials : Steel
Method : Welding assembly
Description :

Since the origins of humanity, the presence of the Moon has been surrounded bymysterious and magical meanings, which is very perceptible within certainartistic expressions from ancient Mexico.

The sculptural propositions take some of these symbols and look to represent them in a contemporary language, with a series of modular circles linked by a series of curved elements, constructed with straight and curved lines.

In collaboration with : Canton de Shefford


Artist : Claude Millette
Country : Canada
Year of creation : 2015
Materials : Weathering steel
Method : Welding assembly
Description :

In Latin, STATERA means equilibrium. As with a region’s dynamism, the work represents this equilibrium between nature and culture typical to townships and cities.

The work thus expresses this strength through a bearing point taking root in the ground and somehow being thrust in an ascending movement such as this rustling and creativity typical of this area’s people.

In collaboration with : Patenaude et Frères

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