Waterloo room #2

The biological kennel

Artist : Maria Assunta Karini
Country : Italy
Year of creation : 1998

Immobile approching fast

Artist : Chantale Clavet and André Domon
Country : Canada
Year of creation : 1997
Materials : Reinforced concrete
Method : Molding
Description :

In a society where the past, present and future meet and intermingle, it appears possible to me to redefine the statue-like sculpture by integrating the notion of time which generates an overall result.

Hailing from a generation influenced by cinema and contemporary media expressions where time sequences come together to form a fictitious reality projected into a different space-time, I wanted to materialize this time which moves on and remains immobile by using rows/lines.

Extract of
Artria - The Open-Air Museum

Artria - The Open-Air Museum image circuit

Presented by : Tourisme Granby région

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