Arrival of the train

The years 1888 to 1908 mark the arrival of the train and the time of the Hotel Beemer in Roberval. Pointe-Bleue bénéfited from the arrival of many Americain tourists from around the world come to discover the natural and wild spaces of Lac Saint-Jean (Pekuakami). Many were hired to guide the excursions on the lake (Pekuakami) or in the territory. This was the beginning of tourism in Mashteuiatsh. 

Robertson House

Robertson House was a popular place for tourists. Being a place of fur trade, hunting ans fishing club was established there form 1935 to 1955. The hunters left from Robertson House to be taken to the hunting club in territory. 

The shops in the period 1946-1969 substantially retain the same poisitonning scattered on the main road. The massive development of tourism encourages the openning of several crafts. They develop from the main road residences and are easily accessible by tourists passing through the village. Some workshops for the production ans sale of traditional objects will emerge, one snowshoe factory. A craft circle of 35 members bringing togheter the best talent is formed in 1955. 

In 1960, two campsites were opened in Pointe-Bleue, robertson Beach Campground, located in the southernmost part of the community, and Camping de la Plume Blanche located in the heart of the village around Boivin Bay. 


The construction of the Welcomming Carrefour in 2004 conslidated the tourism sector. Through its involvement with cultural promoters and distributors, the museum, and now the Uashassihtsh Site, the major attractions or the community, has strengthened  the identity of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh and provide the community with a gathering and welcomming place for the Tourists from all over. 

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