In 1980, the CRTC officially granted a broadcadsting license to Mashteuiatsh, known as Piekuakami kaimimkats. The station began the following year, broadcasting community bingo which remains, until today, its main source of income.


In 1993, the threat of closure loomed, but the citizens mobilized and entrusted the mandate to the  Mamu Cultural Corporation to continue the operations. Despite the integration into SOCAM, the radio continues to operate in precarious conditions. 

It was in 1995 that the Teuehikan Media Corporation was formed. It is now broadcasting with a power of 10 watts. The radio is relocated to the house formely owned by Mr. Joseph Gill.

Radio continued to evolve and in 1999, on September 3, precisely, the broadcast was made 24 hours a day on CHUK FM 107, 3 with a power of 50 watts, which allowed a wider diffusion on the Nitassinan. 

In 2001 relocation can accommodate five people in the house that will house the radio until 2016, when a large two-storey building will be built in the same place under the direction of Florent Bégin who took over the helm in 2013 the Corporation, with a clear mandate to rehabilitate and develop the Pekuakamiulnuatsh Nations's broadcaster. 

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