Saint Joseph Chapel

Saint Joseph Chapel

Three little chapels can be found inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral, including this one, dedicated to Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, who was invoked as patron of Canada from 1624. It is now used as an hospitality room. A priest stays there at certain times to welcome and guide the people showing up.

Statue of Saint Joseph and Child Jesus

The statue of Saint Joseph and Child Jesus is the work of Daprato Statuary Co. situated in Chicago. Made in plaster, this statue was created using a polychrome moulding in the round process. This type of moulding is used in order to obtain a three-dimensional work.

Painting saved from the fire in 1922

This great painting represents the death of Saint Joseph, a work inspired by the original painting from Vincenzo Pasqualoni. It was painted by Maria-Gracia Plourde (1865-1956), known under the name of sister Saint-Amédée, a very talented artist from the workshop Bon-Pasteur de Québec. Only two paintings, including this one, were rescued from the fire in 1922.


The Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Québec from 2002 to 2010, wanting to promote the meeting of the Archbishop with the faithful, had the brilliant idea to have this chapel glazed to make it a place of hospitality and of celebration of the sacrament of forgiveness.

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