The old convent

1881, chemin du Village

The former Maria-Goretti school

The building that houses the town hall and the municipality's administrative services is the former Maria-Goretti school, which people used to call the convent. 

In 1967, the Saint-Adolphe d'Howard school board joined the Commission scolaire régionale des Laurentides and put the old school up for sale. The municipality acquired it in 1972.

Photo : Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard Town Hall, 2023. 

Source : Société d’histoire de Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Tom Silletta photographer.

The first school burned down

Photo : The first school, located behind the church, was destroyed by fire in 1924. 

Source : Postcard from Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

The new school

But let's go back in time. On Tuesday, May 20, 1924, a terrible fire completely destroyed the village school. The furnishings of the council room, where public meetings were held, and all the furniture in the two classrooms were reduced to ashes. The teacher, anxious to protect her pupils, didn't have time to save her suitcase containing money, clothes and souvenirs. The church, which suffered some damage, was saved. As the parish was not wealthy, it relied on the generosity of tourists. A new parish school was built and blessed in 1925.

Photo : The new school, built in 1925.         

Source : La Presse, Montréal, August 26 1925.

Construction of the Maria-Goretti school

1935 saw the arrival of four nuns from the Congrégation des sœurs Sainte-Croix in Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard. They were the superior, Sister Sainte-Salomé as well as Sister Sainte-Joséphine, Sister Saint-Henri and Sister Saint-Guy-Joseph.

Photo : Nuns in front of the new school, date unknown.

Source : Le Présent du Passé, Saint-Adolphe 1883-1983

Maria-Goretti school, 1960

A third school is built on the site. The new building, blessed on December 4, 1949, includes four classrooms, a chapel and a section to house the nuns. 

Children from the surrounding area were welcomed, as well as those from the former number 2 school, who are transported by car. Construction costs amounted to $46,000. 

Sister Blanche of the Heart is entrusted with the management of the school, which takes the name Maria-Goretti.

Photo : Maria-Goretti school in 1960.

Source : Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Joseph Guibord photographer.

The congregation leaves Sainte-Adolphe

On January 24, 1963, the Provincial Superior of the Sisters of the Holy Cross announced the convent's closure. In June, the nuns regretfully left Saint-Adolphe. Subsequently, lay teachers from Collège Saint-Adolphe took over teaching duties. The direction of the Maria-Goretti school is entrusted to Miss Andréa Pélissier.

Photo : Sister Sainte-Claire-Yvonne

Source : Société d’histoire de Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard. 

The new town hall gets a facelift

Elements reminiscent of the place's religious vocation have been gradually replaced. A more colonial style was adopted for the façade, with the addition of columns and new woodwork. Interior work was also carried out over time to meet the needs of the municipality, which became the owner.

Photo : Plan of the new Town Hall, 1980.

Source : Municipality of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard.

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