Le Draveur

Le Draveur, by Jean-Louis Courteau

Jean-Louis Courteau draws his inspiration from masters such as Van Gogh, Monet and Cézanne, however he realized that the only true master to teach him is nature herself. As such, he strives to reproduce more than nature herself, but also her meaning and what she really represents.


Raftsmen, or log drivers, were an elite group of forestry workers. With a twelve-foot boathook and cantdog peavy in hand, they manoeuvred logs freely down the Rivière du Nord and the Rivière aux Mulets. When jams formed above the Grande Chute, at the chenal des Paresseux or near the chemin du Loup-Garou, the bravest log drivers deftly planted a stick of dynamite in the jam to clear the way.

The most notorious local driver was Arcade Desjardins, who was an excellent jumper. Log driving came to an end in Sainte-Adèle around 1920. In French, we say “drave”, from the English word “drive”, as in to drive the logs.

Excerpt of
Murals of Pays-d’en-Haut

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