La Rolland

la Rolland by Robert Leclerc

Robert Leclerc was born in Montreal in 1958. A self-taught painter, he exhibits a unique style and a great sensitivity in his work, through which he transmits his depth of emotion for love, joy and peace. His work can often be seen in exhibitions across Quebec, in addition to many private and public collections in Canada and abroad. He owns a gallery in Saint-Sauveur.


Stanislas Jean-Baptiste Rolland was awarded the Grand Prix de la production de papier at the 1902 World Fair in Paris. Wishing to expand his Saint-Jérôme operations, the same year he acquired land on either side of the Rivière du Nord in Sainte-Adèle, where a 30-metre waterfall provided an ideal location in which to build a dam and an iron-reinforced wooden tube of eight feet in diameter to run the pulp and paper mill.

Jean Rolland, Mayor of Sainte-Adèle from 1916 to 1918, operated the mills, also known as Les Moulins du Nord. Like all single industry towns, Mont-Rolland experienced the ups and downs of the factory until its closure in 1990. With the help of the government, a new use was found for these heritage buildings.

Excerpt of
Murals of Pays-d’en-Haut

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