Grand-Pré Park

Green Space

The municipality of Saint-Jacques offers to its residents many green spaces and facilities encouraging outdoor activities. Grand-Pré park is located on Saint-Jacques Street (in front of the post office). There is a recreation area, a picnic table and bike racks.

Change of Scenery

In October 1969, thanks to the minister and Member of Parliament Mr. Marcel Masse, the site that was occupied for over a century by the family of Dr. O. Beaudry was converted into a park with a fountain. Consequently, the mysterious garden and the home-museum of the Beaudry family, including the doctor’s office, disappeared.

The Medical Profession: A Legacy

The doctor, a very dignified and well-spoken man, is looking after everyone’s health, from newborns to elders. However, families only seek his medical care for severe cases and after trying everything else. The medical profession in our country is very often passed from father to son, just like a legacy.

A Prominent Person

At every step of its history, Saint-Jacques always had a prominent person whose life was closely tied to the parish’s growth and well-being.  As was Dr. Odilon Beaudry who worked as a mayor from 1898 to 1901. Following his classical education at the Collège de l’Assomption (1866–1874) and his university studies, he settled in Saint-Jacques. He was remembered by everyone as a kind-hearted, gentleman doctor. Mayor and founding president of the first Succursale de la Société des Artisans of Saint-Jacques, he passed away in 1932.


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