Saint‑Joseph‑des‑Érables | MRC Robert‑Cliche's Heritage Tour

Saint-Joseph-des-Érables | MRC Robert-Cliche's Heritage Tour

It all started on our territory. Indeed, it was in Saint-Joseph-des-Érables that Beauce's first flour mill was built to ensure the survival of its valuable pioneers. Besides, the ruins of this mill are located on the site of the current des Fermes Mill.

Named "Town of the South-West part of the Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce parish" upon its foundation on November 15, 1938, the town's name was changed to "Town of Saint-Joseph-des-Érables" on February 4, 1946.

Our vibrant, agricultural-related town mainly developed through its founding families. Moreover, many of these descendants have been working in the agricultural field for several generations.  These Beauce-typical, hardworking families have cleared the coasts of the Chaudière River and shaped the unique, pastoral landscapes of our territory. Throughout their lives, they had large families and transmitted their passion for cultivating the land to their descendants. These people of deep faith, who little on little, developed determination and courage of a better life.

The social and economic development that still inspires our region today was part of their everyday life.

In addition, in order to build all those farm buildings, our town was home to a few sawmills. Some are no longer active, and some still exist today, such as the Georges Lessard Sawmill. The latter contributed and still contributes to the development of our beautiful town.

The lands along the Chaudière River partly have a sugar bush at their end. The all natural and delicious maple syrup attracts many tourists in our lovely area.  A great Beauce pride that surely inspired the name for our town (chaudière is the French work for a bucket). Strangely, during spring thaw, the river overflows at the same time as the maple water buckets. Maybe it was named after this phenomenon.

The Chaudière Valley has a microclimate suitable for agriculture, due to the altitude difference and the humidity from the river. The autumn frosts are thereby delayed by a few days, to our farmers' delight. With flood waters, a large number of nutrients and sediments are deposited on the land and foster agriculture.

Our agriculture is well diversified: milk, poultry, cattle, hog, cereal, forest and maple syrup production. Among our farmers are a hop producer and a market gardener.

Source: Christian Roy

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Saint-Joseph-des-Érables | MRC Robert-Cliche's Heritage Tour