Riverbanks and Fertile Fields (Compton & Waterville)

Riverbanks and Fertile Fields (Compton & Waterville)

Compton and Waterville, an area of rolling hills where country highways follow the course of three gently flowing rivers...The rich soil supports healthy farming communities with deep roots, and between  a wealth of architectural heritage sites and colourful  modern shops and boutiques, you are sure to be charmed by the heart of the people and the land.  On this tour you'll have the chance to discover local specialties and meet the people who produce them, from fruit and vegetables to meat and regional cheeses.

You'll be guided from point to point by GPS, discovering extra photos and information at each site.  Preload the tour before you start, and you won't need to be connected to the Internet as you go!

Take your own photos of heritage sites and scenic views, and enter them in our contest, Les Quatres saisons du patrimoine dans la MRC de Coaticook.  Pick up an entry form at:
http://www.circuitsdecouvertecoaticook.org/fr/evenements/participation.php   Click on English

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When to go : Plan on a day, winter or summer.

Production: Table de concertation culturelle de la MRC de Coaticook (TCCC)

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Riverbanks and Fertile Fields (Compton & Waterville)